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2014 Term 3 Writing

2014 Term 3 Writing
We are learning to: write a description use an iPad or Mac laptop to publish our writing read our writing in a clear voice in front of an audience
We can do this when we can: use interesting words, write sentences that make sense, use describing words and edit and read our work.
Teacher Comment: You have used some describing words.  Your next step is to add more describing word to your writing. I like the way you story created a picture in my mind.

2014 Term 3 CARE

Term 3 CARE - Bronze Award
We are learning to: Community: Be a positive member of Room 23 and Oaklands School. Active Thinking: Use our initiative when making choices. Respect: Be kind and respectful towards others. Excellence: Be excellent students of Room 23 and Oaklands School.
Student Reflection:
I am showing my CARE values by not bulling anyone.

2013 Term 3 Maths

2014 Term 3 Maths – Measurements
Mathematics Strand: Measurement – Length
This term we are learning to: ·estimate length of different objects and spaces ·measure length with non-standard and standard units ·use measuring language to compare length, width, and height
Success Criteria:
We can do this when we can estimate and measure different objects and spaces, using measuring language.
Student reflection: Mrs  Bergmann: Name something that is a meter long?

Bella: The TV.

2014 Term 3 Art

2014 Term 3 Art
This term we have been learning to participate and contribute in Art.  Click on the link below to see our performance.

Art video

Assessment Rubric
Mark Book 400 1 2 3 4 5 Skill
Participating & Contributing