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creatures of the deep

­čś▒Creatures of the deep­čś▒
I was working at a building site next to the ocean. A couple of hours later I felt the ground moving. I thought it was a earthquake, I didn’t worry too much.  
Then I see tentacles coming out from deep deep below. The rubble was moving like a rocket taking off. I am so scared. I got to see my friends, but they are NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!!!!!!!
I can feel my hands shivering in fear. My body is numb, my face is red. I think it will explode.

I wonder if they will ever come back for me. The tentacles dragged me into the salty water. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I felt my blood rushing through my  veins. It was dragging me deeper and deeper. I wonder if it will be my last breath??